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Denver/Boulder, 2011-2017

Water Filtration Systems

Crystal Clear Water Treatment sells and services all types of water treatment equipment. Treatment equipment is specifically matched to the customer’s individual water quality. All water quality testing is done by a independent lab. We stock a large variety of treatment systems to be either installed by our personnel or shipped to the customer for installation.

We offer:

  • Ultraviolet Drinking Water Units
  • Complete Customized Systems
  • Reionator Media
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Sediment and Carbon Filters
  • Upflow Neutralizers
  • Water Softeners
  • All Replacement Filters
  • Replacement Ultraviolet Lamps

Proudly Serving the Entire Denver Metro and Surrounding Area

Map: Proudly Serving the Entire Denver Metro and Surrounding Area

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We offer sales, service and/ or repair of all types of water treatment, including:

  • Drinking Water Filtration Systems
  • Pools, Water Features and Spas
  • Chemicals
  • State Certified Water Quality Testing
  • Certified Water and Waste Water Operators