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Spa Products

Custom Built Spa Covers

Custom made for your spa. Choose your own color. Made from high density vinyl with quality foam filling.

Contact us for delivery and/or shipping charges.

Price: $425.00

GUV Spa10

The US-EPA recognizes UV disinfection as one of the available treatment options to combat microorganisms. While UV technology has been in use since the early 1900’s it is fast becoming a widely accepted technology to disable harder to kill microorganisms (pathogens). When pathogens are exposed to UV light, their cells become damaged and the damage inhibits reproduction. The UV light, produced by a special UV lamp, damages the cell’s DNA and RNA and once damaged they are unable to reproduce. This physical process renders them harmless.

Complete Ultra-violet sanitizing system unit with ballast and high output 14” UV lamp.

Price: $585.00

GUV Spa 7

Complete replacement ballast for UV units with a 14” UV lamp, standard output.

Price: $85.00

Ultra-violet lamps. All lengths and pin configuration.

#10 UV

#10 UV lamp - 10”, 4 pin used in point of use (undersink) drinking water units.

Price: $72.00


33” UV lamp 3 pin

Price: $84.00


14” UV lamp, standard output

Price: $84.00


14” UV lamp Hi-output

Price: $84.00


33” UV lamp 4 pin, standard output

Price: $84.00


18” UV lamp, 4 pin, standard output

Price: $84.00


17” UV lamp, 4 pin, standard output

Price: $84.00


33” UV lamp Hi-output, 3 in 1 step pin

Price: $95.00


17” UV lamp, 4 pin, standard output

Price: $84.00


32” UV lamp, 4 pin, standard output

Price: $84.00

30% Hydrogen Peroxide

Shipped in one (5) gallon container. Much more cost efficient than smaller quantities. FedEx hazardous materials surcharge applies.

Price: $85.00

Rola Chem Peristaltic Pump

For automatic feeding of chemicals. Our Pro Series Peristaltic pumps deliver professional quality as well as features that make operation and maintenance simple. The durable plastic construction is resistant to spa and swimming pool chemicals.

Price: $475.00

Rola Chem Pump Replacement Tube

8" tube - 13.5" tube

Price: 14.50 - $16.50

Spa Motor Complete

2hp, 2 speed, 48 frame, 2” inlet and outlet, 230V.

Price: $425.00

Spa Pump

Wet end only, 2 hp, 2” inlet and outlet. Contact us for more sizes.

Price: $110.00

All PVC 1/2” to 2-1/2” Spa Parts Available

Everything you need professionally repair a spa.

Price: Contact Us

Pressure Switch

1/4” NPT, low profile, fits most spas.

Price: $62.50

Flow Switch

3/4” barbed fitting.

Price: $102.00

Rainbow Filter Housing Lock Rings

fits on top of a Rainbow filter.

Price: $19.95

Nature2 Mineral Sanitizer

A No-bromine alternative. Installs in seconds right into your spa filter. Nature2 Spa keeps spa water clean and crystal clear. Nature2 Spa features Nature2 technology, an effective process that sanitizes spa water using minerals.

Price: $56.00

Del-Zone Corona Discharge Replacement Chip

This chip creates ozone gas in spas. The chip loses effectiveness and needs replaced yearly.

Price: $67.30

Del-zone Corona Complete Discharge Ozonator

This unit creates ozone gas electrically. Dual voltage 110V or 220V. Includes vacuum tube, check valve, tubing, mounting screws and power cord.

Price: $157.00

Proudly Serving the Entire Denver Metro and Surrounding Area

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